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Support the Assistant Brewer Training Program at Innovation Brew Works!

The Assistant Brewer Training Program at Innovation Brew Works allows an individual to first learn about brewing basics and then train as an intern at Cal Poly Pomona's award-winning brewery. An Assistant Brewer is a key position in many breweries as this person is often considered an apprentice, or right‐hand, to the Head Brewer. Certified Assistant Brewers are highly sought after in the brewing industry across the United States, and our program is designed to train and prepare individuals who passionately want to pursue a career in the brewing industry. Students will use the University's signature "Learn-by-Doing" approach to gain the experience needed to be a successful Assistant Brewer in the industry. The Certified Assistant Brewer program has benefited from the expertise of numerous instructors, brewmasters, and brewery owners.

Students enrolled in the Assistant Brewer Training Program will learn: 

Brewery Safety Standards and Hazards, General Cleaning and Sanitization, Chemical Identification and Handling, Clean-In-Place Practices and Safety, Production Brewhouse Operations, Milling and Recipe Creation, Introduction to Brewery Microbiology, Yeast Harvesting and Cell Count, Pump Assembly and Common Errors, Draft Systems, Bottling, Canning/Kegging Production and Proper Pouring and Serving Glassware.


Our goal is to support students who are interested in participating in the Assistant Brewer Training Program at Innovation Brew Works. This campaign will help fund new apprenticeships, provide equipment for students and future partners, brewing events and more. 


Innovation Brew Works (IBW) is a professionally managed café and brewery located at Innovation Village on the Cal Poly Pomona campus.

IBW serves as a learn-by-doing brewery laboratory for Cal Poly Pomona students, alumni, faculty and the general public. Echoing Cal Poly Pomona's learn-by-doing philosophy and corresponding with the brewery's official tagline "Crafting an Education," students acquire hands-on experience with brewing and brewpub operations at the brewery.

All beers brewed at Innovation Brew Works contain Cal Poly Pomona barley grown at Spadra Ranch, an off-campus plot of land used by the College of Agriculture near Pomona Boulevard and Temple Avenue. In addition, all oranges used in the beers are grown on the university campus itself.

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