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Who We Are

Featured Project - The Chronicle

In honor of celebrating a decade of being a resource for students and alumni, we created The Chronicle, the Clothes Closet's historic document that details the first ten years of the organization as well as current affairs of the Clothes Closet service. Below are a few pages from the first edition of The Chronicle. If you'd like a copy, just reach out to Dr. Cheryl Love at


Clothes Closet Impact

Below are a few testimonials from students and alumni about their experience with the Clothes Closet! 


Student Testimonials


I was able to purchase a dress shirt with the money I received from the Clothes Closet stipend. This is an important piece in my wardrobe because it is the only professional shirt I own. This will definitely come in handy in my upcoming internship. Thank you for this wonderful stipend.”

~Caitlin Tieu

“I want you to know that it has been put to good use and that I appreciate you motivating me. Thank you for your suggestions, which led me to improve my appearance.”

~Edgar Pazmino


I am so very thankful for this program! Buying clothes meant for the professional world can be tricky and I was unsure where to start. The stipend helped me get a start and I’m so grateful! I was able to get clothes that I then used to go to internship interviews.

~K.C Saniano


"I am so incredibly grateful to have received the Clothes Closet stipend! With it, I was able to purchase a professional work outfit for upcoming interviews, which is something I have been unable to afford for a while now. Ultimately, this support allowed me to invest in myself and my future, and I am very thankful for that."

~Korrin Davis


Alumni Testimonials

“I am glad that I took some time to visit the Clothes Closet. I was very lucky that I found a really great jacket! It will definitely come in handy for my next interview and overall success.”

~ Christopher Goodson CPP alumnus and former Clothes Closet Team Member

“The career/job hunt” can be a grinding and grueling process in itself, especially as a freshly graduated student. Thanks to Cal Poly’s Career Center Clothes Closet, I was able to obtain a nice navy blue suit jacket which I had used for many of my interviews. Consequently, one specific moment that I can recall was interviewing for LAPD which was a 3 person panel interview. I was really nervous, however, each panelist gave me a compliment about the suit jacket and tie and this gave me a tremendous boost of confidence during the interview.I proceeded forward in the process but who knows if they were just being nice. Nonetheless, the cliche phrase when you look good you feel good, very much like when you dress professionally you feel professional. I thank the Career Clothes Closet for helping me dress for success.” 

CPP alumnus and former Career Center Graduate Intern, Joseph Giles.

What We are Asking from YOU



Why are monetary donations necessary?

Being that we are a donation-based service, we are not always presented with attire that fits every student. A number of students at Cal Poly have found difficulty finding professional attire in their size. When the boutique is open, this is a central reason why monetary donations are essential for ensuring we can provide attire for every student at Cal Poly - for every identity, for every size, and of every style.

Monetary donations have been instrumental in keeping the Clothes Closet running during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been able to fund our normal operations as well as introduce a new program called the Clothes Closet Stipend Program, which is where you can see your donations at work! To date, we have been able to award over 300 students with $50 Amazon Gift Cards to obtain clothing they would otherwise normally find in the boutique. 

IF YOU ARE A STUDENT OF CAL POLY POMONA, PLEASE APPLY FOR THE CLOTHES CLOSET STIPEND PROGRAM! Check your eligibility by following the steps on the flyer below to apply through the Basic Needs Assistance Application here!


Throughout the campaign, each organization has the opportunity to double and possibly triple donated funds - check it out! We are hoping to exceed last year's amount ($2,065 in donations) and Dr. Kathy and Dr. Ed Harcharik, Clothes Closet Advisory Board members and emeritus professors of the College of Business and College of Education, respectively, have agreed to help us reach our goal by offering a matching fund of $500! Thank you to two of the longest supporters of the Clothes Closet service!


We are currently unable to accept donations of clothing at this time in light of the campus being closed, but if you would like to donate professional items when the campus reopens, please email Dr. Cheryl Love at and you will be contacted upon reopening! 



Message from the Giving Day Committee

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we remain committed to the success of our students while keeping the safety and well-being of our community at the forefront of all decisions we make. Your support will assure our students, faculty and staff that our community will come together in its greatest time of need, and that we will be stronger together. Gifts of any size will have an immediate impact.




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Thank you for your support!

Career Center Clothes Closet

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