Motor Development Clinic

The purpose of the Motor Development Clinic is to: 1) develop and improve motor skills; 2) increase movement behavior (i.e., cooperation, attention, participation, social skills); and 3) provide movement experiences that are accessible and within a positive environment.



The academic school year program operating September through May concentrates on breaking down motor skills into basic components, which are addressed through proper teaching techniques, demonstrations, and skill feedback. The summer program focuses on the enjoyment of movement in a social setting that is more general by providing a chance for the children to put into practice what they have learned during the school year. It also concentrates on a wide variety of activities including but not limited to fitness skills, rhythms/dance, locomotor and manipulative skills, sport skills, games, and swimming skills.


The Motor Development Clinic is designed to provide three services.

  • A individualized movement program for children with disabilities who are experiencing a delay in motor skills.
  • Instructional concepts and materials for parents which enable them to supplement the clinic's movement program at home.
  • A valuable learning experience for graduate and undergraduate students at Cal Poly Pomona specializing in teaching adapted physical education, elementary physical education, liberal studies, special education, and other related fields.

Your donation will help the Motor Development Clinic by giving them the resources to be able to purchase new equipment such as:

  • Protective Gear (helmets, kneepads)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers

and much more that can enhance the learning and fun at the Motor Development Clinic.

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