Womxn's Leadership

The gender leadership gap is real. Womxn* are still outnumbered by men in the most prestigious positions, from Capitol Hill to the board room.  We hope to change that for womxn at Cal Poly Pomona. 


Through year round womxn's leadership programs, the Womxn's Resource Center enhances the leadership skills and capacities of students on campus. The Womxn's Leadership Institute engages a group of 40-60 students starting at the start of Spring semester. The peak of leadership growth concludes in a two day institute at the end of Spring allowing students to grow as a cohort through a comprehensive program. After the institute, students continue to connect with within small groups to hold each other accountable for leadership development goals. 


What is the Womxn's Leadership Institute program? 

The Womxn’s Leadership Institute aims to enhance womxn leadership identity through the understanding of leadership with or without positions of authority and leadership capacity through four emotional intelligent leadership (EIL) capacities for college students.


Over the two days students have opportunities to get to know small group facilitators from across campus, learn content developed to empower womxn leaders at Cal Poly Pomona, and hear from local guest leaders about their experiences in leadership roles. This comprehensive program engages administrators, faculty, and staff in the development of student womxn leadership on campus.


* We use an inclusive definition of "womxn." Where trans womxn, gender queer womxn, and non-binary folk are welcome and included. 

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